Applications RISHLYTE Coagulants RISHFLOC Flocculants RISHICIDE Biocides RISHFOAM Defoamer RISHLYTE Antiscalent / Viscosity Modifiers
Sugar Cane / Beet Juicer
Juice Liming
Juice Clarification
Mill Sanitation
Pan Additives
Sugar Refining
Molasses Distillery
Effluent Treatment
Juice Evaporation

Juice Clarification

Decolorizing applications involve removal of large molecular compounds which require activated carbon with a well developed macropore structure. The information provided here applies to sugar refining but the same concepts and principles apply to other decolorising applications.

Mill Sanitation

These are specifically developed organic biocides for improved sanitation/hygiene in sugarcane juice and sugar mills. These are vastly superior to conventional chemicals lime ammonium bifluoride, bleaching powder and other halogen compounds.

Color Precipitant

This is a highly effective cationic polymer designed for improving color of sugar remelt/syrup in sugar mills and sugar refineries. It also removes certain high molecular weight impurities present in sugar remelt and syrup.

Juice Evaporator / Pan Additives

The clarified juice is concentrated in a multiple-effect evaporator to make a syrup of about 60 percent sucrose by weight. In a multiple-effect evaporator, water is boiled in a sequence of vessels, each held at a lower pressure than the last.

Waste Water

The treatment of these wastewaters requires a process that combines mechanical, chemical and biological treatment measures. The principle element of the purification process is based upon the aerobic activated sludge technology with one or more aeration stages.