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Coagulants for Industrial Raw Water Treatment

Presently conventional coagulants (i.e. salts of Aluminium or Iron) are used to remove turbidity in water. These pose problems of carry over finely divided flocs of aluminum hydroxide or ferric hydroxide into the clarified water and also produce bulky sludge having a high water content.

During monsoon season when turbidity suddenly increases, numerous problems are faced in treatment of water with conventional chemicals e.g. Alum and Lime.

Rishlyte range of coagulants for industrial raw water treatment consists of 'nontoxic' cationic polymers which replace inorganic coagulants (viz Alum, lime, Ferric salts) and also reduce cost of treatment. Numerous other benefits include -

a) Reduction in sludge volume and desludge frequency.
b) Reduction in Aluminium ion carryover which is a health hazard.
c) Reduced load on DM plant and negligible drop in pH of treated water.
d) Reduction in corrosion in alum addition pipeline and pump.
e) Automated dosing & controlling of turbidity and suspended solids in plants
f) Savings in labour and electricity costs
g) Reduced requirement for storage space

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