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Zeta potential analyzer with particle size measurement
The Zeta Probe is the easiest to use, more accurate zeta potential analyzer available. Samples can be measured without dilution up to 60% of volume concerntration. Even the direct measurements of Zeta Potential pastes, gels, cements, and other difficult materials are possible with the Zeta Probe.

Traditional characterization techniques require sample dilution and sample preparation which are both time consuming and error-prone this patented multi-frequency electroacoustic technology eliminates these problems. Also automatic titration offers unattended rapid isoelectric point determination as well as optimum dispersant or flocculant level control in a click of a button. The Zeta Probe offers many advances not found in other analyzers including automatic correction for particle size and double layer distortion. Yet, it is easy to use software & rugged design makes the Zeta Probe ideal tool for use in research and plant optimization.

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