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Enhanced Oil Recovery

Rishabh's Polymers have been specially developed to meet the requirements of enhanced (tertiary) oil recovery projects. Their purpose is to increase the viscosity of the aqueous slug which is intended to drive the oil to the production wells.

The use of water alone (secondary oil recovery) is possible and is indeed being practiced. This however leads to the effect known as fingering and channeling.

Fingering is the term usually used to describe the passage of fluid through oil bearing pores when this fluid makes its way through the oil without displacing it. Channeling is a phenomenon that seems to arise because the permeability of a formation, even in the microscopic sphere, is not uniform; water will preferably pass through the channels of the highest permeability. Both these effects result in much of the oil being left in place and not being recovered.

Raising the water viscosity reduces it mobility (for exact definition, see corresponding technical literature) and leads to a much more effective oil sweep. The process is still more efficient when interfacial forces are reduced by special surfactants.

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