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Polyelectrolytes For Wet Processing Of Ores

Rishfloc Range of polymers & copolymers are made from Acrylamide. These are water soluble polyelectrolytes and have very high molecular weights. The range includes Anionic, Nonionic and Cationic polymers in powder, emulsion as well as in solution form.

Flocculation is the agglomeration of tiny particles into large units.

It therefore, finds its applications in many mining applications and helps in achieving clear supernatant, results in fast settling and increases capacity of clarifiers and clariflocculators apart from noticeable cost reduction.

Flocculants are used for wet processing and better recovery of ores and also for separation of impurities and find use in processing of bauxite, potash, coal, copper, uranium, iron ore, soda ash, phosphate, zinc, lead, borax and kaolin ores.

Flocculants For Clarification And Thickening
Filteration Aids
Industrial Dust Supressants
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