Instruments and equipments offered by Rishabh provide solutions for Automation, Process Control, Research and Development and quality measurement to the Pulp and Paper industry as well as to Water, Waste Water and other industrial applications. Products include laboratory and Online Charge Analysers, Zeta Potential Analyzers, Laboratory Flocculators, Portable & Process viscometers, Dispersion Analyser, On-line Concentration / Density Monitor, and other water quality parameter monitoring systems.

Paper Industry

Charge Analyzing System

Fiber Potential Analyzer

Filtration System DFS-03

EST Surface & Sizing Tester / Printability Tester

Retention and Drainage Analyzer with Auto Sheet Maker

Penetration Dynamics Analyser

Wet Stretch Measurement System ( W S D)

Deposit Control System (DCS)

Auto Bar Coater

Size Press

Drum Dryer

Flotation Cell

Water / Waste Water & other Industries

Charge Analyzing System

On Line PH / Turbidity / Dissolved Oxygen monitoring system

Online water quality parameter monitoring system

Eductors for proper dispersions

Laboratory Flocculator

Process monitoring application / field

Online Concentration / Density monitor

High temp. high press. Viscometer

Online XRF – Analyser

Online moisture measurement & Control system

Online Ash Content analyzer

Research & Development Field

Zeta potential analyzer

Dispersion Analyser

Stability Analyser


Digital Handheld Instrumentation : ODEON


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