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Minifert Portable Fertilizer Making Plant
Portable / Transportable of nitric Fertliser making Plant for small farmers , Agriculture societies, Farms, villages. It makes fertliser from Naturally occurred stones ( Except Large Silica Content).

It works on PLASMA Principle where PLASMA LIQUID generate with reaction of AIR in reactor. Any pure water from River , well , ponds can be used. The out put is ready to use fertliser in Liquid form with RICH nutrients. It can work on Solar Panel , No RAW material , ECO – friendly. No Maintenance. Calcium Nitrate fertilizer & Sodium & Potassium , N 100% available. Title in N from 13 to 16.

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY for fertirrigation - should not be diluted further. Ready solution from 10% to 20% in water. Maximum production (as dry): 20 kg / day, 40 kg / day and 100 kg / day.

With these quantity can be fertirrigated m2/day up to 2000 or up to 4000 or up to 10,000 of crops.To operate just need a bit of non-potable water and a little limestone.

Return on Investment (ROI) of less than 6 months.

The fertilizer produced from our plant, estimated the total cost of investment plus maintenance plus replacement parts required for the entire life of the system, respectively, has a final cost of USD $ 0.08/kg or USD $ 0.05/kg or USD $ 0.04 / kg.

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