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This generator looks very compact size, has a pressure drop of about 10 Pa and has a very low power consumption of approximately 40 W per 1000 m3 / h of treated air. Each generator can handle from 800 to 1200 m3 / h of air. The number of generators installed in the machines is therefore proportional to the flow of the same.

The main effect of the high-voltage electric field and high frequency is the creation of a plasma generated in ambient temperature and pressure and therefore commonly referred COLD PLASMA.

Cold plasma gives rise to the creation of polarized particles and reactive chemicals, among which H + and OH- which are the most abundant and reactive generated at least four effects on air and are transported: Polarization of particles, catalysis of reactions (not commonly obtainable at ambient conditions) i.e. Sterilization of bacteria and viruses, aggregation of particles.
The outgoing air from the chamber of the cold plasma has a qualitative content of substances other than they had before, while the content remains essentially the same mass.

These modules can be used as a standalone in Centralised A.C., HVAC system , Rail coach air Conditioning , Auditorium , Shopping ,Office & Large Industrial complexes where centralized A.C is in use. Just Place the unit in Perpendicular to Air Flow .

No Maint. No Cleaning , No effect of Press. Temp. Humidity .

The benefits of to install a Plasma Generator are :

􀂾 Total dusts: reduction from 30% and 70%
􀂾 Metals: Reduction from 20% and 90%
􀂾 Ammonia: Reduction from 25% and 65%
􀂾 Hydrocarbons: Reduction from 15% and 50%
􀂾 Carbon monoxide: Reduction from 20% and 80%
􀂾 Nitrogen oxides: Reduction from 20% and 90%
􀂾 Sulphur oxides SOx: Reduction from 30% and 70%
􀂾 VOC: Reduction from 35% and 95%
􀂾 Total bacteria: Reduction from 50% and 100%
􀂾 Total viruses: Reduction from 20% and 100%

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