Air Pollution Control System
Nitric Acid Manufacturing Plant
"Birkeland-Eyde" - Plasma Based nitric Acid Manufacturing plant.

We are making the Nitric Acid Manufacturing plant based on process known as "Birkeland-Eyde" or arch, from oxygen and atmospheric nitrogen. with New advance technology at Normal room temp. & pressure.

Our Process is based on New GREEN Technology. This plant is very simple , low risk , reduces production-costs and also reduce the emission of greenhouse-gas. The Exhaust will be enriched Nitrogen
Advantage Of Our Process

  • The start gas is simply to have nitrogen & oxygen of environmental air.
  • The reaction of oxidizing the nitrogen is to low temperature & pressure, until Ambient temperature & pressure, thank the utilize of New Technology.
  • The reaction of synthesis of nitric acid by NO2 is ready to low temperature & pressure, until ambient temperature & pressure.
  • No requirement of catalyst.
  • Energy requirement less that 20% of other process.
  • Only final product is Concentrated HNO3 which require special storage tank.
  • No need of special pressure or high temperature vessels and piping.
  • No explosion risk.
  • Less risks of chemical accidents.
  • No high corrosion in piping, pumps, blowers and others thanks the low pressure & temperature.
  • No cost for raw chemicals & energy.
  • No cost for storage of raw chemicals.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can be worked on Solar Power + wind Power. The Possibilities are to be determined. Through these powers you will reduce 30 % power Consumption.
  • The Concentration can be varied within the range in the Steps of 5 % from 25 % to 60 %.

The Process:

The Air is filtered to remove dust and other materials and, thanks a blower, go in the first step where cross a special VIVEX’s Cold Plasma Reactor.

In this reactor the N2 react with O2 to form NO + NO2 = NOx (reaction 1)

The NOx cross a special wet reactor in which it came in contact with a diffuses fog water.

The only NO2 in NOx react with water to form Nitric Acid (reactions 2).

The Un-reacted NO - partially return to Cold plasma reactor to complete the reaction into NO2 (Reaction 1).

The Un reacted NO and the N2 in excess goes to AIR ,via second blowers, to the Waste Air Treatment Plant.

The Nitric Acid produced is drain as liquid nitric water from wet reactor and go in some tanks for Storage.

The water that need for reactions is take for river or lake or well and is treated for to remove the pollutants.

Finally this water cross a de-ionising plant ( Osmosis or Resin) before to go to fog nozzle inside the wet reactor.

The Waste Air Treatment Plant is foresee to Biofilter, with special biomass preinoculated of bacteria.

The waste air treated, rich only in Nitrogen gas, is unload in environment.

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