Air Pollution Control System
a) NOX and SOX Removal System.


In world most of the power plants are working on coal, Blended coal, Furnace oil , Natural Gas , Bio Gas etc. where NOX & SO2 are generated in Flue gas which causes ACID Rain & Air pollution. There are few methods for treatment of these High Volume & high temp. fumes but requires lot of maint. & operating cost without any Usable Bi Products.
This Pollution can be reduced by using

1) DRY PLASMA Method : by applying high Ionization potential in MeV to Flue gas along with clean water. If The power plant is near to sea ,clean sea water can be used. Here no Bi Products, The Flue gas will be cleaned upto min. 80 % efficiency

2) SEMI - DRY HIGH VOLTAGE PLASAMA principal which produce Ammonium / Calcium based fertilizer from these flue gases, which is rich in Nutrients can be sold to nearby farmers / Govt. Depot / Distributors on cash basis. This will helps in reduction of operating cost & Reduction in pollution.

In this Case You can just allow the treated gas in atmosphere.

This System is independent of types of Fuels used. Any fuel can be used. Applicable to any industry producing NOX, NO2, SO2, CO, HC etc. pollutants in exhaust.

The Plasma Technology is well known in world since last 40 years. The Technology couldn't able to achieve success due to difference in understanding customer requirement & applications.

This system is not a regular Module of plasma, but there are various things like temp, flow, press, contact time, high Voltage requirement, NH3-flow & conc. are to be determined well before finalizing the project. If Your Project is nearby sea then you can use sea water also.

We are providing guarantee certificate of Reduction of NOX , NO2 & SO2, CO, Hydro-carbons, after finalization & Freezing of Tech. requirement.

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b) Modular Air City Cleaner - More details link add VVX

We know that the air of the cities is full of thin dusts that are residual of rust, asphalt, and rubbers of automobiles, various ashes, and erosion of cement, stones and other anchors.

In the industrialized areas the concentration also overcomes the 10- million of particles per cm3. While in clean areas they have been measured only 100 particles for centimeter cube.

The pollution of the cities and particularly thin dusts & Vehicle exhaust are the causes in the increase of the allergic phenomenon in the people of whatever age.

Other associated disorders are: Asthma; Redness to the eyes; Respiratory difficulty and other anchor. The greater presence of dusts, blocks the circulation of the Fresh Air in the urban areas. All we have seen at least once a city surrounded by a strip of grey clouds in form of smog.

The nature has as always its remedies. A pluvius litre can clean Air from the dust & contaminants 3,00,0000 litres air AND Another is Modular City AIR Cleaner which guaranteed in cleaning of Air at maximum efficiency, with the smaller use of energy. The use of solar panels, make them completely electrically self-sufficient.

The installation of the model require for a small supply of water and a connection to the sewer. Various Models are available from 25 K to 1000 K Lit /m3 capacities.

It Can reduce

Ø Total dust : 30% to 70%,
Ø Metals : 40% to 90%
Ø Ammonia : 35% to 65%
Ø Hydrocarbons : 20% to 50%
Ø Carbon monoxide : 40% to 80%
Ø Nitrogen oxide 40% to 90%
Ø VOC’s : 65% to 95%
Ø Total Bacteria : 90% to 100%
Ø Total Viral : 5% to 50%


Ø No use of filters, no frequent cleaning
Ø No active carbon replacement
Ø No catalyst for heavy metals.
Ø Low operating cost.
Ø Unattended auto operation
Ø No Frequent maintenance

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c) H2S Removal System

for Conversion Process of H2S to elemental Sulphur from ACIDIC Gas

The De-Sulphurisation plant is based on Biological process that can assure very good removal of H2S with high rate of concentration.

In first stage we expect that the sulfur will reduce up to 30 - 100 PPM & in second stage it will be treated with Ferric regenerative process to reduce less than 10 PPM as per your requirement .
In Second stage you have choices to select cost effective chemicals to save the operating cost.

The Output will be min. 98 % or more pure sulphur in semi dried powder form.

Principle of working Process.

The production of Sulphur from acid fume today is better by Biological process that can assure a very good removal of H2S with high rate of concentration. For the specific performance required we offer a Double-Step treatment :
- The first with bio-oxidation
- The second with ferric regenerative
In the first step the acid fume are in close contact with a water solution of sodium which makes Na2S, taken off & Sent to a special bioreactor in which, under controlled condition of ORP, pH and temperature, there is a biomass constitute of aerobic bacteria, which reduce sodium sulphur.

To the exit of first step the acid fume can have a little quantity of H2S.

The acid fume outlet from the second step can have as H2S < 10 ppmV and a little reduction of carbon dioxide.

This process is do in a little oven ad a temperature not more than +140 °C, with a very little demand of energy. After the re-melting process the sulphur can have purity 99%.

All the exhaust air from bioreactor, regeneration reactor and oven are send to one biofilter plant for depollution and smell reduction.

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d) Plasma Generator for Industrial Application

Indoor Air Quality cleaner , Purifier

All of us face a variety of risks to our health as we go about our day-to-day lives. The Indoor Pollutant Sources are include combustion sources such as oil, gas, kerosene, and tobacco products; building materials and deteriorated furnishings , asbestos-containing insulation, wet or damp carpet, and cabinetry or furniture made of certain pressed wood products; products for household cleaning and maintenance, personal care, or hobbies; central heating and cooling systems and humidification devices In working places, offices, complexes, public travel etc.

Health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later. The people who may be exposed to indoor air pollutants for the longest periods of time are often felt chronically ill, suffering from respiratory or cardiovascular disease. Inadequate ventilation. High temperature and humidity levels can also increase concentrations of some pollutants.

.Immediate effects may show up after a single exposure or repeated exposures. These include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Such immediate effects are usually short-term and treatable. Symptoms of some diseases, including asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and humidifier fever, may also show up soon after exposure to some indoor air pollutants.

There are many types and sizes of air cleaners in the market, ranging from relatively inexpensive table-top models to sophisticated and expensive whole-house systems. Some air cleaners are highly effective at particle removal, while others, including most table-top models, are much less so. These Air cleaners are generally not designed to remove gaseous pollutants. Table-top air cleaners, in particular, may not remove satisfactory amounts of pollutants from strong nearby sources.

PLASMA Based Air Cleaner, purifier for Industrial , HVAC application

The generator looks very compact size, has a pressure drop of about 10 Pa and has a very low power consumption of approximately 40 W per 1000 m3 / h of treated air. Each generator can handle from 800 to 1200 m3 / h of air.

The number of generators installed in the machines is therefore proportional to the flow of the same.

The main effect of the high-voltage electric field and high frequency is the creation of a plasma generated in ambient temperature and pressure and therefore commonly referred COLD PLASMA.

Cold plasma gives rise to the creation of polarized particles and reactive chemicals, among which H + and OH- which are the most abundant and reactive.
This cold plasma is generated in the air has at least four effects on air and are transported: Polarization of particles, catalysis of reactions (not commonly obtainable at ambient conditions)

Sterilization of bacteria and viruses; aggregation of particles.
The outgoing air from the chamber of the cold plasma has a qualitative content of substances other than they had before, while the content remains essentially the same mass.

The benefits of to install a Plasma Generator are :

􀂾 Total dusts: reduction from 30% and 70%
􀂾 Metals: Reduction from 20% and 90%
􀂾 Ammonia: Reduction from 25% and 65%
􀂾 Hydrocarbons: Reduction from 15% and 50%
􀂾 Carbon monoxide: Reduction from 20% and 80%
􀂾 Nitrogen oxides: Reduction from 20% and 90%
􀂾 Sulphur oxides SOx: Reduction from 30% and 70%
􀂾 VOC: Reduction from 35% and 95%
􀂾 Total bacteria: Reduction from 50% and 100%
􀂾 Total viruses: Reduction from 20% and 100%

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